In the past, I’ve worked at many places as a software developer on a wide range of projects, and built many things from the ground up, including web apps, mobile apps, mini-games, crawlers, browser extensions, and so forth.

The biggest challenge of all was starting my own SaaS startup.

A brief summary

  • 2017 - Author of Zeki: A chatbot management platform that works on Facebook Messenger and websites. It can do some cool stuff, and is used by some big brands. Contact me if you work for a company that needs such a tool.
  • 2017 - Graduated from university.
  • 2016 - Author of Whoishiring++: Hacker News’s monthly Who is Hiring page on steroids.
  • 2016 - ‘17 - Cofounder of Marketinf: Think “Shopify for Marketplaces”: A SaaS company which allowed people to start their online marketplaces in minutes.
  • 2015 - Author of Hackerfaq: Instant answers for your programming related questions.
  • 2014 - ‘15 - Speaker at jstanbul, and Garaj Talks.
  • 2013 - ‘14 - Front-end Developer at Metrekare: A VC backed startup that aimed to be the Zillow of Turkey.
  • 2011 - 12 - Front-end Developer at several digital agencies at Istanbul.